Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh Juno! … What Have You Done?

By Norman Walford

This is the week that I found out that the publisher of my book How to Survive in the Pharisee Church has collapsed after being taken over by a fundamentalist Pharisee cult. Everyone else seems to have seen this thing coming for about the last two years. For me, who’s supposed to know about Pharisee things, I’ve just found out. Wake up Norman! Show a bit of interest in what’s going on around you …

Sunday, February 2, 2014

St Gregory ... Wonder-worker or Try-Harder?

by Norman Walford  

The history books have not been kind to St Gregory the Try-harder.
He has no Wikipedia entry. Until recently if you Googled him you wouldn’t have got a single hit, though happily that’s starting to change now. In the annals of church history he has become, strangely, something of a nonentity.
Why he has been neglected for so long is a bit of mystery. It may simply be that our Gregory never achieved anything in his life worthy of being recorded for posterity. That is after all the common fate of those who try to live the Christian life according to the try-harder philosophy (I wouldn’t want to dignify it by calling it a theology.) As I mentioned last week, there is a basic spiritual principle that the harder we try the less we achieve. Some people sadly go their whole lives and never figure this one out. Others—and I include myself in these—understand the principle pretty clearly but nonetheless find themselves falling in and out of the try-harder mentality on a regular basis. Perhaps Gregory was just one of these.